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My cell phone tracker does not work, What can be the problem? Common usage of phone tracking? Can I track any mobile phone? What is a cell phone tracker? What is GPS and GSM? Is the police using phone tracking? How does a pet gps tracker work ? How much it costs to track a cell phone? Which phones can be tracked? Can I find out if my wife is cheating by tracking her phone?

Which phones can be tracked?

Every single cell phone out there can be tracked, but not all of them can be tracked by amateurs. When you ask this question, you have to keep in mind the way cell phones work and how they allow us to be so mobile. The conversations and the data we send passes through wireless cell towers which are installed everywhere. Without them you have no signal and in most cases their coverage overlaps, so when you're in the city or in well populated areas, you can be covered by multiple towers at the same time. The one closest to you is the one that will usually get the data you're sending and that tower can tell the distance at which you are from it. When you consider that all towers in the area know the distance to your cell phone, your location can be determined by triangulation, which considers the data from all the towers and gives the exact location. You don't have to talk on your phone in order to transmit data. As long as you have your cell phone open, it will communicate with nearby towers and it will send out your present location. The only time when it's not communicating with the tower is when it's turned off. As you can see, tracking a cell phone is not that hard for official use.

Whether you can be tracked by a spouse or a family member is another matter. Chances are that you can be tracked if you own a smartphone or a phone with a GPS chip in it. If you have a nice phone, an app can be installed on it without your knowledge, which would transmit your present location via GSM or via data connection. It's quite easy actually and a lot of people are being tracked by suspicious spouses or parents, on a regular basis.