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My cell phone tracker does not work, What can be the problem? Common usage of phone tracking? Can I track any mobile phone? What is a cell phone tracker? What is GPS and GSM? Is the police using phone tracking? How does a pet gps tracker work ? How much it costs to track a cell phone? Which phones can be tracked? Can I find out if my wife is cheating by tracking her phone?

What is GPS and GSM?

GPS comes from Global Positioning System and it's the name of a technology with a lot of applications, from military to commercial or even personal use. Some people like to use their GPS to plan their route for an upcoming roadtrips, while others use GPS units in the wilderness, when they're hiking and want to make sure they're not going to get lost. The GPS system uses the signal from GPS satellites to triangulate its current position and it can be very accurate.

The military uses for GPS are obvious and I've already presented some situations where it can be used by owners of GPS units, so let's see the potential commercial applications. One of them is tracking taxis or trucks by the company that owns them, so they always know how far away from their destination they are.

The GSM is a frequency used by mobile phone carriers, which can be used by GPS tracking units. In order for a GPS unit to transmit its location, it has to use a GSM system. If you want to know where a certain GPS unit is located in the world at all times, that unit has to use a GSM service so it can send you updates.

A GPS unit without GSM capabilities will not be able to update you on its location. If it's a cheap model and it can't send you text updates, it will work instead as a data logger, which will store inside the unit all the information about the places where it's been. In order to find out where the GPS unit has been, you have to download the information from it once it reaches your home again. You can't receive updates while it's out there, so it's much less adaptable than a unit with GSM capabilities.