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My cell phone tracker does not work, What can be the problem?

If you're cell phone tracker doesn't work anymore, a number of issues can be wrong and a bit of troubleshooting is in order, so you can find out what's wrong. First of all, apps designed to take advantage of the GPS chip which comes with every smartphone these days need that chip to be operational in order to use it. If the GPS chip is deactivated, so the phone will consume less power, the tracker will not work, since it can't access data about the current location anymore. That's one important condition for apps like this to work the GPS must be turned on. If it's off, the cell phone is not tracked. It's as simple as that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all phones are the same. An app created for a certain phone might not work on another, especially if the OS version is different. An application which will track cell phones on Android 4.0 might not work on Android 1.5. The phone where you install the cell phone tracker must have the right OS version in order for the tracking app to function. If the cell phone owner upgrades the OS and the tracker is not designed to work with the new version, there is a chance that it will not work anymore. As you can see, there are quite a few things that can go wrong, causing your tracking app not to function properly anymore.

In cases like this, you need to get access to the cell phone again and to find out what went wrong. Maybe the owner of the phone found the app and removed it, maybe the GPS chip is turned off, maybe there is a new version of the OS installed and your old app doesn't do its job anymore. There are plenty of things that can go wrong.