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My cell phone tracker does not work, What can be the problem? Common usage of phone tracking? Can I track any mobile phone? What is a cell phone tracker? What is GPS and GSM? Is the police using phone tracking? How does a pet gps tracker work ? How much it costs to track a cell phone? Which phones can be tracked? Can I find out if my wife is cheating by tracking her phone?

How much it costs to track a cell phone?

Cell phone tracking costs will vary depending on a lot of factors. One of them would be the operating system of the cell phone for which it is designed. Typically, iPhone users will have to pay more for apps than users with Android or other less known operating systems. Another would be the features included in the phone tracking app and the way the app is paid for. Some apps are paid just once and you can use them for as long as you want, while others require monthly or yearly payments in order to use them. The ones that are more advances will typically more expensive.

The best apps out there have some extra spying features which some people might find useful, though others will find them over the top. One well known app allows the user to hear the conversations from the vicinity, transforming the phone into a microphone. Another feature is the possibility to listen in on a call as it's happening. The more features you want activated, the more you pay for one year of use. You start from $149 and you can end up paying $349 for 1 year, but you get some very powerful features for that price.

If you want something basic, to show you just a location, you can pay just $59 for a popular app which allows you to know the location of as many cell phones as you want.

As you can see, the costs involved with tracking a cell phone are not huge and if you want some peace of mind, paying $60 is certainly worth it. You still need to gain access to the cell phone you want tracked, in order to install the tracking app, so it's not as easy as you might think. You can't just start tracking the phone of your neighbor, you need to have it in your hands for a few minutes, so you can install the app on it first.