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My cell phone tracker does not work, What can be the problem? Common usage of phone tracking? Can I track any mobile phone? What is a cell phone tracker? What is GPS and GSM? Is the police using phone tracking? How does a pet gps tracker work ? How much it costs to track a cell phone? Which phones can be tracked? Can I find out if my wife is cheating by tracking her phone?

Can I track any mobile phone?

There are many reasons why someone might want to be able to track a mobile phone, from the obvious reasons like jealousy to the worries that a child might be kidnapped or that an old relative might go missing. With the help of cell phone tracking you can always know where they are, as long as they have the phone with them. It was not a feasible idea in the past, when you needed specialized equipment to track someone, but these days most smartphones come with GPS on them, so as long as there is an app available, you can install it and you can use an online account to find out where the phone is at any time. Whether you're worried that your spouse might be cheating on you or that your kid might run away from home, tracking their mobile phone is the answer to your problem and these days it can be done by anyone.

The tracking of these phones is done with the help of the GPS chip, which is pretty much standard on most smartphones released these days. The cell phone's location is determined by finding out the distance from the closest landmark. Specialized software exists that allows you to see where a phone is in real time and the speed at which they're traveling.

The phone requires a data connection, so it can transmit the data about its location to the online sites which you can access in order to find out where they are. In some cases, the apps are installed both on the phone that is tracked and on your own phone, so you can see where he is.

One example of program which can be used is Google Latitude, which doesn't even need GPS to be enabled. It will just use data from cellular networks to find out where the phone is.