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About Phone Tracker Spy

We thought, why not create another phone tracker site that would bring fun to the world and the internet?

We are based in Europe and focus to develop creative sites online. We are the true creators of this prank made in 2006, when we launched our first phone tracker site. You may find many sites of this kind but many are just copy cats, imitating our original work. We hope you find this joke amusing and enjoy the opportunity to prank your friends.

We have designed the site in order to help people understand more about the phone tracking technology. You may read some of the articles listed. We do appreciate feedback of any kind and think the visitors' experience is very important.

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Sezai Cetin
Genclik Mah
Tevhik Isik Cad. Meltem Sitesi 4
Block, Daire 6
07100 Antalya
Telephone: +90 532 522697
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